1. Login to your AOSSM account by clicking here or go to

    • NOTE:  You do not have to be an AOSSM member to have an online account. If you attended one of our events or purchased a product, an account was created for you. 

  2. On the red horizontal bar, click on My AOSSM and go to My CME.

  3. Be sure you are on the CME tab and scroll down to the Credit Claiming section.

  4. Click on the 0.00 in the “Claimed CME” column next to any listed activities for which you wish to claim credit and enter the number of credits you are claiming. Credit may be claimed in increments of .25 not to exceed the amount in the “Maximum CME” column.

  5. IMPORTANT: You must click the “Save Changes” button.

  6. Once you click on “Save changes” your certificate will appear in the “Credit History & Certificates” section below the “Credit Claiming” section.

  7. For those whose account indicates they are an athletic trainer and if that event offered BOC credit, a BOC certificate will appear with the type of credit available for that activity (EBP or Category A).

NOTE: CME for journal manuscript review is entered by AOSSM and does not need to be claimed. A certificate will populate under “Credit History & Certificates,” usually by the end of the month of publication


Please call AOSSM at 847.292.4900 if you need assistance.